Margaret Rayman

University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Margaret Rayman is Professor of Nutritional Medicine and directs MSc Programme in Nutritional Medicine. She obtained a doctorate in Inorganic Biochemistry from Somerville College, Oxford. Her research centres on the importance of trace elements to human health with particular emphasis on selenium and iodine in populations with marginal selenium or iodine deficiency.


Robin Peeters

Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam

Robin Peeters, MD PhD, is internist-endocrinologist and a member of medical staff. He obtained his medical degree and PhD at Erasmus University Medical School in 2000 and 2005. In 2009, he finished his clinical training as an endocrinologist and his research focuses on the metabolism of thyroid hormones in health and disease.


Pierdomenico Perata

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Pisa, Italy

Pierdomenico Perata is Professor of plant physiology and obtained his PhD in Agriculture at the University of Pisa. His research interests include plant stress physiology, plant hormone physiology, and sugar sensing and signalling.


Massimo Tonacchera

Medical School of the University of Pisa

Massimo Tonacchera is Associate Professor of Endocrinology and obtained his M.D. Degree in 1987 at the School of Medicine, University of Rome. His research interests include Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases.


Martin Broadley

University of Nottingham
United Kingdom

Martin Broadley is Professor of Plant Nutrition and his research focus is on plant mineral nutrition. His research seeks to underpin improvements in the nutritional quality and nutrient-use efficiency of crops using agronomic and/or genetic approaches.


Tim Korevaar

Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam

Tim Korevaar is an MD and clinical epidemiologist. His research focuses on thyroid function in pregnancy and he aims to translate physiological mechanisms into clinical epidemiological studies on adverse pregnancy and child outcomes.


Ismail Cakmak

Sabanci University
Istanbul, Turkey

Ismail Cakmak is Professor for agriculture and an internationally renowned expert on the metabolism of micronutrients in plants. His research is focused on enrichment of cereals with zinc, iron and iodine, and understanding the role of mineral nutrients in stress tolerance of crop plants.