Together with the steering committee we are currently developing an attractive scientific programme, which we will provide further details of soon. Currrently confirmed speakers include some of the leading researchers in Iodine research including:



Prof. Dr. Michael Bruce Zimmermann

ETH Zurich

Michael Zimmermann is Professor of Human Nutrition at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology. His expertise includes trace mineral biochemistry, novel biomarkers and stable isotope techniques.


Dr. Alex Stewart

Consultant in Health Protection
United Kingdom

Alex Stewart, recently retired from his public health post as Consultant in Health Protection in the Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health England Centre. He remains interested in linking environmental scientists’ knowledge on iodine with that of the health community to support improved control of deficiency disorders.


Dr. Elizabeth Pearce, MD

Boston University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Pearce is currently Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine in the Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Nutrition. Her research interests include sufficiency of dietary iodine in the U.S., thyroid function in pregnancy, thyroid effects of environmental perchlorate exposure, the cardiovascular effects of subclinical thyroid dysfunction and thyroid disease.


Dr. Tatsuo Kaiho

Godo Shigen Co., Ltd.

Tatsuo Kaiho serves as technical advisor for one of the most well-known iodine manufacturing companies in the world. During his academic career as organic chemist he focused on Iodine Chemistry and received several awards, such as the Distinguished Chemist Award from Chiba Prefectural Government (2001) and the Society of Iodine Science Award (2012).


Dr. Sarah Bath

University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Sarah Bath is a Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition and a registered dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council. She currently investigates “Iodine status in pregnancy and child neurodevelopment.


Prof. Dr. Ismail Cakmak

Sabanci University

Ismail Cakmak is Professor for agriculture and an internationally renowned expert on the metabolism of micronutrients in plants. His research is focused on enrichment of cereals with zinc, iron and iodine, and understanding the role of mineral nutrients in stress tolerance of crop plants.

Mr. Arnold Timmer


Arnold Timmer has been working with GAIN since October 2015 as the Senior Adviser, Global Programmes. He has 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition and micronutrients mainly with UNICEF, in humanitarian as well as the development context.  His involvement has been world-wide, with several organizations including MSF Belgium, WHO, UNHCR, Terre des Hommes and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He contributed to efforts of food fortification, including salt iodization, home fortification with micronutrient powders, global micronutrient networks, the positioning of nutrition in the development agenda and the scaling up of nutrition programs in countries.


Prof. Dr. Margaret Rayman

University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Margaret Rayman is Professor of Nutritional Medicine and directs MSc Programme in Nutritional Medicine. She obtained a doctorate in Inorganic Biochemistry from Somerville College, Oxford. Her research centres on the importance of trace elements to human health with particular emphasis on selenium and iodine in populations with marginal selenium or iodine deficiency.

Dr. Enrico Polastro

VP & Senior Industry Specialist at Arthur D. Little

Dr. Enrico Polastro, Ph.D. serves as Vice President and Senior Industry Specialist of the European Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals practice at Arthur D. Little. Dr. Polastro is based in the Brussels office and has a particular focus on generic pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical fine chemicals, fields where he has worked in and has been consulting for since twenty-one years. He has over twenty four years of experience in providing management consulting to the chemical industry, focusing on strategic development and technology assessments. He serves as a Non-Executive Director of Dipharma Francis S.r.l. , Director at Rennovia Inc. and BSP Pharmaceuticals S.r.l. He has written various papers on pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as on the fine chemicals industry. Dr. Polastro has a Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from both the University of Brussels and the Philadelphia Temple University and also an MBA from Boston University.